Our Values

We believe to be effective, meaningful, and purpose-driven in our work, we must be: 

  • We're  so serious about this, we etched it in stone.

    We’re so serious about this, we etched it in stone.

    Creative:  In the ever-changing technologies and contexts organizations work in, Mean Communications relentlessly curates ideas for innovation and crafts stories to inspire.

  • Hungry:  As far as our clients know, we never sleep.  We carefully select the projects we work on, so that we’re as passionate about your vision as you are.
  • Intentional:  Everything we do surrounds the question “why?”  By tirelessly questioning, we ceaselessly innovate, bringing intentionality into everything we do.
  • Networked:  We believe it’s not who you know, but who knows you.  We’ve made it our goal not just to collect business cards, but to build meaningful relationships.
  • Flexible:  We work with startups, non-profits, campaigns, and artists.  Big and small, from Brooklyn to Brixton.  We adapt to our clients’ needs, culture, workflow, and vision.  Hell, if we were any more flexible we could touch our toes!
  • Good:  Every enterprise is about change: systemic change, behavioral change, and thought change.  While we love working with profitable ventures (and a many we do), if your work hurts consumers, laborers, or the environment, you should find another communications firm.