Training & Speaking


While the speaking engagements of Mean Communications’ leadership have been very diverse in topics, they are held together by themes of humanization, collaboration, and curation, from youth panel discussions and interfaith rallies, to workshops on technology and the music industry.

We also do facilitation, training, and hands-on curricula building for organizations seeking to get the most of their time with media professionals.  We believe that the process is as important as the content, and help clients to reframe the means of delivering a workshop to keep their participants passionately engaged.

We do:

  • Public Speaking
  • Media Training
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Facilitation for Strategic Thinking
  • Cover topics such as Youth, Interfaith, Development, Peacebuilding, Technology, Social Media, Marketing, and Music 


Available Training Sessions:

  • Building a Conceptual Brand:  Defining your values, unique selling proposition, why statement, mission, and brand story.  It’s a workshop, where participants actually leave with a brand concept.
  • Strategic Planning:  Participants learn how to evaluate their strategic categories, priorities, and then build a dynamic 10-year plan.  We call this the Mean Method.
  • Marketing Research:  Explore traditional marketing (product, price, placement, promotion), as well as the recent micro-segmentation approach, and the unfolding behavioral-driven approach.
  • Messaging:  Participants prototype messaging for media, public speaking, or sales pitches using three distinct but complementary frameworks, and polish a final product between them.  Participants can test their pitch at the end of the session.
  • Public Relations:  How to get the media attention, from outlet research, reporter outreach, pitching, and media tracking.
  • Social Media:  How to adapt your message for varying platforms, and how to ensure your social tactics match your wider communications or marketing strategy.
  • Digital Advertising:  How to build an effective online ad campaign, from Adwords to Facebook, using tactics like PPM, PPC, and PPA.
Metrics-Driven Communications:  How to use data, from Google Analytics, Sumall, TweetReach, Facebook Insights, and more to wildly improve the impact of your outreach.