Social Media


Easily the most misunderstood facet of modern communications, social media has finished the transition from superfluous to crucial. Yet, most people can’t even define what “social media” is. Understanding how to adjust your message for interactive social platforms opens the door to amazing opportunities to unique audience engagement, creating viral content, and inspiring change. Yet, social media is the how, not the why. We help our clients build and curate a social media presence that projects their brand values, and promotes their cause.

Fat Stat:

We’ve gained our clients over 40,000 quality followers and fans, increasing their web traffic by an average of over 50%.


We do:

  • Facebook page creation and content management
  • Twitter account creation and content management
  • LinkedIn business page creation and content management
  • Content schedules
  • Social media policies
  • Social media metrics
  • Blog creation
  • RSS synchronization across platforms
  • Social media monitoring and reputation management