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UNAOC Do One Thing Campaign

Goal: Our strategic goal was to precipitate offline action through online engagement. To that end, we developed specific targets for the Do One Thing Facebook fanpage and Twitter.

How: Created a social media strategy, created targeted content to promote Do One Thing, shared events and potential tasks, and connected people to related resources. We also created custom memes with suggestions of what people could do, complete with a vibrant image and the UNAOC branding.


  • 300,000 people were engaged on Facebook, 20x the previous year’s 15,086.
  • Nearly doubled the targeted number of shares for our flagship post on May 21, reaching 4x the audience expected.
  • Nearly doubled the targeted number of people used the hashtag #DoOneThing that month.
  • 1,975 people used the hashtag #DoOneThing, producing over 2,800 tweets.