Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? We all laugh until their innocent but candid critiques hit us squarely in the chest.

“She seems to have an illness.”
“Maybe she took some pills with drugs or something like that.”
“He looks like a hero.”
“He’s studying to go to university.”



When […]

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Have you heard of the 2 euro T-shirt?

Feels good right? Yes, that’s right. By essentially boycotting the T-shirt, we’re decreasing demand, and therefore forcing change on the suppliers. High five!

Except this is no longer the case.

In this insightful article by a human rights consultant for HuffPost, we learn that boycotting no […]

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Quiz: What’s the similarity between the words Cafe, RSVP, Bazaar, and Tattoo?
Have you figured it out?

These four words are examples of foreign loan words – words a language has borrowed from another: cafe and RSVP from French; bazaar from Arabic; tattoo from Polynesian.

South Korean has tons of loan words, too. So […]

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: 1min 39sec
Her: 40sec
Black Swan: 24sec
Maleficent: 18sec

In each of these films, this is how long it takes to watch every single word spoken by a person of color.

Let that sink in.

Sometimes, Tumblr makes our day […]

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We’ve all heard of Starbuck’s #racetogether and Dove’s campaign for Real Beauty. Are these just gimmicks to fish consumer attention, or are these companies making real change?

It turns out, quite a few businesses are doing actual social good.

Even if companies aren’t in the position for large-scale impact or […]

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Meet the Lucky Iron Fish

On July 10, 2015 By

How do you get an entire country to completely change a dietary habit? Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of creative packaging to make the difference. This year’s winner of Cannes Product Design Grand Prix did just that for the people of Cambodia.

In Cambodia, the primary source of diet […]

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Loves to cook: spends all day planning and prepping meals.
Loves the outdoors: basketball, football, running, hiking – tack on an “ing” and they’ll do it.
Studies Arabic: loves to read up on and analyze ancient manuscripts.

What faces pop up as you read those descriptors? What clothes?

In an insightful new […]

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Whether it’s in your company DNA or it’s just a part-time arrangement, you may find yourself at the helm of a virtual team where each member is off working remotely (whether from home in pajamas or at a hip coffee shop with free wifi but $10 lattes). In either case, communication will be the glue […]

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“Could you… explain a bit about this face-something and having to be a friend?”


As it turns out, not everyone and their mother has a Facebook account. In this documentary by Cyber-Seniors, teens give back to the community by guiding seniors through their first interweb interactions.

We’re certainly inspired to reach […]

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Gamechanger: Vimeo demonstrating that video can do so much more than a product demo, with just a little creativity.

Video sharing site Vimeo shares 6 unique and mindblowingly effective uses of videos to promote your brand.

When the average time spent on a website is only 15 seconds, all your […]

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