“Have kids lost their imagination?” A voice softly intones as an editorial-ready line-up of children clutching video game devices and smartphones pans across the screen. “We set off to find out.”

The new video advertisement from the Ad Council and the US Forest Service begins on a somewhat menacing note (why “set off” to […]

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Build It and They Will Come

On October 14, 2015 By

The Best Social Marketing Campaigns of 2015

What do skateboarding cats, bare feet, a 25 foot-long dress, and Hillary Clinton all have in common? If you guessed “the Internet,” you’re (mostly) right: this week CIO named its Top 11 Social Marketing Campaigns of 2015 (we’re guessing they don’t expect much from the holiday […]

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Well, likely it’s all of us. We’re so accustomed to the “Like” button that when Facebook announced that it was ready to integrate more emotional response features, the Internet went nuts. As these things go on the wild Internet frontier, response has been a mix of panic and giddy anticipation. Speculation […]

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The betrayal is real for team square.

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An Era of Data Partnernship

On August 28, 2015 By

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The White House may or may not be notoriously known for being handsy with data (big brother anyone?) but it looks like they may actually be using their resources for good.

In collaboration with the likes of Google, IBM, and Microsoft, the White House is working to prove themselves responsible with […]

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Have you ever seen a dress in minus-size?
What about in an equal-size? Or a divided-by size?

Then why should we label some dresses as “plus-size”?

(image source)

In an article with The Washington Post, model Candice Huffine shares her personal journey of being a “plus-size model” in the […]

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We’ve heard of the traditional one for one model in social entrepreneurship, made popular by TOMS’s slip-ons and then hip by Warby Parker’s glasses.

But have you heard of Listn’s headphones?

The company is similar in their efforts to build a social impact company, but they’re not exactly one for one. Instead, the […]

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“He’s my only grandchild. Every time he does anything, I enjoy it. The other day he pulled down the TV set. I didn’t even mind.”

(Photo from Humans of New York Facebook page)

From everyday expressions of love to profound insights into life, Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York is […]

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