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Nexus Global Youth Summit

Goal: Supplement participant experience with engaging discourse across three social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) while creating FOMO-inducing content for potential Summit attendees to interact with after the event.

How: Targeted both Summit attendees and non-attendees with live discussion and highlights from each of the plenaries, breakout sessions, and activities. Active usage of the hashtag #WeAreNexus made this possible, as it concentrated content from both groups. 



The number of impressions increased measurably, from an average of 288 per day  before strategy implementation to 11.9k impressions per day during the event. More significantly, within the same time frame:

  • Link clicks rose from a monthly average of 33.7 to 161. 76.4% of clicks this month were made since the time of the Summit.
  • Retweets rose from an average of 7.7 per month to 232. 91.8% of retweets were made since the Summit.
  • Favorites rose from 12.7 per month to 377. 89.7% of favorites were made since the Summit.
  • Replies rose from 3.3 per month to 82. 70.7% of replies were made since the Summit.

The hashtag #WeAreNexus reached 1.3 million accounts on Twitter, with 793 unique and re-posting contributors. Additionally, 3.9 million impressions made by just 793 contributors indicate active engagement by not only Summit attendees, but a significant amount of non-attendee engagement as well.

Facebook: Engagement (likes, comments, and shares) increased measurably, from 1.7 per day prior to the Summit to 59.9 per day during the Summit.

Instagram: In total, there were 393 likes and 8 comments over 21 photos taken for the Summit. As a comparison, there were 58 likes and 9 comments over a total of 18 photos posted prior to the 2015 Summit. Total engagement (likes and comments) increased by 498.5%.