When the pieces are better together


The best ideas are the simplest… but all those ideas are already taken. If you’re at the cutting edge of your field, then you’re probably faced with the challenge of taking very detailed information from an ocean of data and coming up with a unique approach to your core problem.  Through recognizing patterns, exploring relationships, and finding the signal in the noise, you can begin to see the big picture.

The good news here is you can borrow heavily from others. Like music, you can hear a familiar melody or a chord, and rewrite it in a completely new context, synthesizing new ideas in a fresh arrangement. It’s more than problem-solving, it’s innovating. You know you’ve found the right recipe when the whole surpasses the sum of the parts. Having a tough time? Let’s composition together.


 “A symphony must be like the world. It must contain everything.” 

Gustav Mahler