The betrayal is real for team square.

As of last Thursday, Instagram is officially allowing portrait and landscape formats, breaking their sole allegiance to the hated and beloved 1×1. With the realization that “one in five photos or videos” not being square has caused “friends getting cut out of group shots” (among other disasters), Instagram’s new update adds an interesting perspective in the conversation of brand identity.

rsz_screenshot_98(Image Source)

The square has always been Instagram’s claim to fame, forcing users to tap into third-party applications that “square-ify” rectangular photos and videos to meet the platform’s requisites, so we love that the company was ready to compromise this core feature of their application in order to meet the needs of their users’ experience.

We have a hunch it’ll still feel like good ol’ Insta, but here’s a moment of silence to all the apps whose sole purpose was to square photos for Instagram: [                                               ]



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