We’ve heard of the traditional one for one model in social entrepreneurship, made popular by TOMS’s slip-ons and then hip by Warby Parker’s glasses.

But have you heard of Listn’s headphones?

The company is similar in their efforts to build a social impact company, but they’re not exactly one for one. Instead, the company is working in partnership with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, donating proceeds from headphone purchases to bring the gift of hearing aids to those that need it in underserved locations.

With timelessly cool wooden designs combined with a mission for good, it’s no surprise the headphones have been gaining traction – enough to overwhelm the founder. As the start-up learns how to scale up to meet the increasing demands from customers, we hope to see Listn come full circle in social good by providing transparency in their presumably sustainable manufacturing process as well.

We love seeing good ideas come from great values to make the world a better place. Way to go, Listn!


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