“He’s my only grandchild. Every time he does anything, I enjoy it. The other day he pulled down the TV set. I didn’t even mind.”

rsz_screenshot_84(Photo from Humans of New York Facebook page)

From everyday expressions of love to profound insights into life, Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York is at it again in his summer trip to share unfiltered perspective of humans overseas, with his first stop in Pakistan.

As Brandon interviews his subjects in the mini-photoshoots, the answers that he receives are nothing short of inspiring, humorous, heart-wrenching, and amusing – stories and emotions that resonate with hundreds of thousands of Facebook users everywhere, as proven by all the likes and comments.

By using photography as a platform to showcase snapshots into the lives of humans all around the world (including New York and Pakistan), Brandon creates bridges of empathy that can break down stereotypes to foster better understanding between humans.

At least one unnamed intern is a huge fan of your work, Brandon, and we hope projects like these can continue to engage people in conversations that build toward more meaningful relationships with one another.



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