How do you get an entire country to completely change a dietary habit? Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of creative packaging to make the difference. This year’s winner of Cannes Product Design Grand Prix did just that for the people of Cambodia.

In Cambodia, the primary source of diet consist of rice and fish, leaving the people in significant iron-deficiency. As a result, the team behind the Lucky Iron Fish began delivering rectangular blocks of iron supplement for Cambodians to cook into their meal. If you think that sounds totally unappetizing, you’re not alone. The idea seemed to work, until they found that the blocks were indeed being used – as table leg holders and door stops.

As ideas were brainstormed on how best to make the blocks more palatable, they stumbled across Cambodia’s cultural icon: the fish. When re-presented in this shape, the nation’s symbol of hope and good luck was channeled into a provision of health and longevity, and Cambodians were found to welcome these new blocks.

We give this ingenious, culturally mindful design three Mean-chelin stars. Bon appétit, Cambodia!


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